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When it comes to making jewellery, we light up with excitement. The process of refining raw metals and crafting them into beautiful pieces of jewellery is something that we are completely in love with. This combined with our passion for diamonds and gemstones means that your piece is lovingly created from the very start.

We champion the classic, hand-crafting techniques of our master jewellers and combine them with the latest, cutting-edge design software. Some pieces are hand-made from the start, our goldsmiths cutting, carving and filing precious metal into shape. Other pieces come from wax model casting. Creating a wax prototype prior to casting a piece of jewellery is an age old technique. Dependant on the type of piece, we either create wax carvings by hand or 3D print from our CAD software. The piece is then cast in precious metal from this wax model.


This is where the magic happens.

Our skilled team of goldsmiths and craftsmen take the rough and unfinished and create things of beauty. Armed with decades of experience they refine your jewellery, polishing and readying it for a lifetime of splendour. Our pave-setting experts work to the hundredths of millimetres, taking diamonds and gemstones of all sizes and securely setting them into precision callibrated settings. Your jewellery passes through continual quality assurance checks and is completed once polished to utter perfection.


The process of creating jewellery is so delightfully exquisite that we want our customers to enjoy it too. Our engagement ring creation videos show the full journey of your piece from inception to completion. Coupled with your heart-felt words and beautiful music, your creation video shows each stage of your ring’s creation and is the perfect keepsake for you and your new fiance.

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