About Bond;

We create all types of jewellery using the world’s finest gemstones and precious metals. Rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, charms, chains, tie clips, cufflinks, precious metal and gemstone accessories; anything you can conceive, we can create, along with stocking and sourcing the world’s luxury watch brands.

Our approach to custom made jewellery is the perfect blend of value and quality. Not only do we deliver on correct metal weights, open education of gemstones and unrivalled quality, we buy our diamonds direct from the polishing source which sees our customers save fortunes when compared with our competitors and high street jewellers.

Sadly, most jewellers these days look to buy-in their mounts and settings, on mass from abroad, simply to lower costs. Foreign jewellery means ‘production-line’ quality, lacking the diligence and care shown, as standard, by our team of master jewellers. Issues with stone settings, metal-weights, manufacturing quality and vale for money are the biggest complaints that we hear about competitor jewellery and we are extremely proud to make each piece uniquely for our customers, created and cared for every step of the way by our team in the jewellery quarter.

We usually work to a 25 day turnaround time on our jewellery pieces but have been known to far exceed this timescale when requested. If you have a shorter lead time or more questions about our production times simply contact our team as we will always do our best to accommodate your needs with a custom made or pre-made piece.

Our love of jewellery-making and passion for bringing to life your desires, truly sets us apart from other jewellers.

The personal interaction and levels of care we offer to our clients makes our jewellery buying process very special and has upheld our flawless track record for customer satisfaction. Coupled with limitless design capabilities, stunning gemstones and our obsession with product quality it is understandable why we have secured several industry award wins and maintain such a strong client base and celebrity following. Take a look at our WHY BOND? page to learn more.

We are located at 11 The Big Peg, Birmingham, B18 6NA just 200 yards from the Jewellery Quarter train station, turning left as you exit.

We offer appointments at all times to suit our clients, even evening’s and weekends. Click here to book your appointment.

Diamonds & gemstones;

The colour, style, budget and desired appearance of your jewellery plays a huge part in deciding what gemstones are best suited. Diamond‘s are the most popular gemstone on the market, but they are also known for being the most expensive.

Working with all of the world’s gemstones means that we can find the perfect shape and colour of gemstone to suit your piece.

You will find hundreds of designs on this website, each can be tailored to display any of the world’s gemstones.

Simply contact our experts to discuss your preferences and we will work closely with you to ensure you have the perfect gemstones, presenting options and prices to you throughout.

A diamond certificate, also known as a diamond grading report, is a detailed report, independently created by a trained gemmologist.

The diamond is evaluated, measured, and scrutinized by trained eyes in controlled conditions, resulting in a report that outlines the cut, colour, clarity, carat weight and other characteristics of the diamond. Grading reports are most commonly produced for diamonds but can also be provided for other gemstones upon request.

While grading reports provide an external assessment on a gemstone, the results can vary between grading laboratories with the process being a result of the independent assessment of the trained grader. To maintain our standards of excellence we only provide diamonds graded by the world’s leading laboratories; GIA, HRD and IGI.

The importance of a certificate is a result of personal preference and clients can often save considerable money when buying non-certificated diamonds and gemstones.

Our diamonds are sourced from all over the world in compliance with the United Nations Kimberley process, confirming that all diamonds are conflict-free, mined, cut and sourced ethically. To learn the full provenance of a specific diamond, simply ask a member of our team.

Yes, all of our diamonds are 100% natural, we do not sell synthetic or lab-grown diamonds.

Diamond buying can be a daunting task. With so many qualities, shapes, sizes and characteristics on offer, how are you to know what to buy? ‘The perfect diamond’ is always a matter of personal preference. There are many intricate factors that affect diamond aesthetics and price so we always advise that customers speak with one of our experts to gain the very best understanding. Our diamond guide and 4C’s information pages also outline the key points that will help you make an informed decision. Many buyers are led by diamond size, others by quality and many look for a mixture of both, a decision that is always assisted by booking an appointment and viewing diamonds in person.

Your Jewellery;

This is a common question from engagement ring buyers and we answer it with a stunning portfolio of designs, broken down into sub categories for simplicity. You can scroll through our engagement rings whilst changing metals and diamond shapes, allowing you to compare all of our designs with ease.

We are constantly updating our designs to ensure the most popular and sought after designs are available to view at any time. If you wish to discuss, modify or tailor one of our designs, simply contact to one of our designers.

With all pieces, we provide an insurance certificate outlining the exact specification of your piece and the insurable value in the event of its loss or damage (often around 40% more than the price you paid).

This should be passed onto your insurer. At Bond we recommend T H March (www.thmarch.co.uk) specialists in jewellery care and jewellery insurances packages. Quoting our reference ‘AB332T’ will allow us to validate your jewellery, confirming its legitimacy.

We are always on hand to measure finger sizes or existing rings at our showroom. Gauging a finger size can often be a difficult task for engagement ring / gift buyers but if the ring you have brought isn’t a perfect fit, we will resize it for you within four working days, free of charge.

The answer to this question is completely subjective and must always come down to you and your situation. Popular responses range from one to four months salary but there is no true guide or expectation. Jewellery and diamonds are a great investment and the more you spend will of course lead to a more valuable piece.

At Bond we always ensure clients get the very best value for their money so we advise you forget the rules and spend the amount that is perfect for you.

Again, a question of preference. We create jewellery in gold, white gold and rose gold at 9karat and 18karat purities, but always recommend 18 karat when creating pieces made with gemstones and diamonds.

Platinum is widely viewed as the most prestigious of precious metals, known for its strength and ability to maintain its shine and colour even when tarnished. For more information on precious metals or having a piece made in other materials, please contact us.

A hallmark is a mark stamped on all articles of gold, silver, palladium and platinum by the British Assay Office, signifying its authenticity and purity of metal. You will find a hallmark on every item of jewellery that we sell.

Yes, we offer free engraving on all rings, so be sure to add this to your order.

Please see our Delivery page for a breakdown of our policy.

Please see our returns page for a breakdown of our policy.

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