Why Bond?


We believe our approach to fine jewellery is refreshing and unique, whole-heartedly fulfilling the needs of jewellery buyers. The jewellery industry is awash with retail outlets and faceless websites that promise varying levels of care and service. With so many options available to you, who can you trust? At Bond our approach centres around a close working relationship with our customers and demonstrating our passion and attention to detail, with every piece.

The experience of buying a luxury item is as valuable as the piece itself, which is why we focus on the experience as much as the jewellery. While most jewellers look to ‘sell’, we look to create with our customers. Buying jewellery is a significant and often daunting notion and our personal approach immediately transforms the journey into an enjoyable, creative experience.


Each and every Bond jewellery piece is uniquely made for you, working to the design and gemstone selections that you make. Our in-house production means that quality is monitored throughout, working to our impeccably high standards. You will find no foreign-made, imported mounts, poor production-line quality, nor old stock; Just hand-crafted and cherished pieces, each created with the majesty and charm of a bespoke commission.


We are committed to excellence. Our team of jewellery professionals are on hand to discuss trends, styles, gemstones and diamonds. Fully trained in gemmology our experts will assist and guide you when choosing gemstones, ensuring you fully optimise your budget and find the perfect balance of size and quality. Our CAD designers will work closely with you when perusing our designs, modifying any aspect you wish or developing a design for you, from scratch.
Our master craftsmen are at the pinnacle of the jewellery industry. Committed to creating exquisite jewellery pieces our goldsmiths, mounters, polishers and setters work in tandem, ensuring every piece is a masterpiece to be coveted and adored; custom made, unqiuely for you.


Our website and communication channels are not a technological abyss. When you make contact with us, you speak directly to one of our team and it becomes their mission to meet your requests. Our online chat, WhatsApp, video call, email, phone line, social media and messenger services are all manned directly by our team, so you can be confident that your requests will not be overlooked. We also understand the need for privacy and the incognito manor in which some pieces are purchased. Often normal working hours simply don’t suit your needs, which is why we remain available out of hours. We feel there is no substitute for speaking in person so we welcome you to book an appointment at our showroom.


We are the exception to the rule. Custom made products are the definition of luxury and usually come at a premium. At Bond we treat each piece with the gravitas of a bespoke commission, whilst saving you money. Our brand ethos has always been concerned with honest value for our customers, a concept used rather loosely these days. Our pricing methods are succinct with no brand premium costs, false discounts or misleading ‘bargain’ prices. On a true like-for-like basis our prices are far lower than high street competitors and considerably lower priced than the industries biggest names; Tiffany, Van Cleef, Cartier and De Beers. Our lean business model means we avoid the added costs of heavy rents, large stock holding and excessive marketing budgets which means you pay far less for your custom-made jewellery. We also deliver all UK orders, free of charge, fully insured by us until reaching the desired address.


At Bond we do not compromise on quality, it is, in fact, our obsession. Every piece is made with incredible care and attention and measured against our exacting standards of excellence. We meticulously check and inspect our jewellery at every stage of production, guaranteeing all of our pieces against any unlikely material or manufacturing faults.


Our design capabilities are limitless and we just love unique ideas. Our online designs cover everything from the understated classics through to truly exclusive pieces, but it does not end there. A visit to our showroom will allow you to view an even larger catalogue of designs. If you can’t find the exact piece of your dreams, simply contact our team and one of our designers will work with you to design the perfect piece, explaining prices as they go. All of our online designs can be altered and modified in house with our team always eager to hear any changes you would like, so if you prefer a different diamond shape, love a different gemstone or perhaps want to mix two metals, just ask!


The first consideration of any gemstone is its manufacturing origin. All of our diamonds & gemstones can be traced back to their point of origin, in accordance with the Kimberley Process and our zero tolerance approach to blood diamonds and conflict stones. All of our gemstones have been keenly inspected and have passed our diligent screening process, with over 90% of those seen, rejected. Our short and trusted supply chain allows us to deliver only the very best stones for our customers, with provenance and quality assured every time. Our stock of diamonds and gemstones is vast with just a selection of our stock listed online. If you have specific requirements that you can’t find on our website, simply talk to our team and we can personally source stones for you to view. Our goal is to educate our customers on diamonds and gemstones and while our website is full of helpful insight and knowledge, there is no better medium than face-to-face meetings and in-person gemstone viewing.


We only work with the world’s leading gemmological laboratories. Diamond grading can have an enormous impact on the price you pay for diamonds which is why we will only sell diamonds that have been inspected and graded appropriately. We do not support lenient grading or the growing trend of self-certification.


Often buyers are unsure of the exact finger size of their partner which is why we offer a free re-sizing service following purchase, making sure every ring fits perfectly.


For us, the buying process and journey is just as important as the piece of jewellery itself. If you’re simply looking for advice, an initial consultation or keen to make a purchase we encourage you to enjoy the experience and let us help in any way we can. Our team is on hand whenever you need us, to help make your jewellery buying experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.


There is no greater compliment than hearing from our customers once they have given their gift or began wearing their piece. We have thousands of happy customers and you can read all about their experiences with us, just take a look at our reviews and testimonials.


Engagement rings are the epitome of the romantic gesture and our Personalised Creation videos give you the chance to watch your ring being custom-made, over and over again. The combination of your romantic messages, beautiful music and footage of your engagement ring being intimately made by our craftsmen gives the utimate, romantic addition to your proposal.

Browse our collection of engagement rings and add VIDEO to your basket. Complete the text fields and our videographers will film your ring’s creation, delivered with your ring on USB memory stick and also available to download from DROPBOX.

Take a look at the example video above to help you plan your perfect video. Complete the eight lines of text with your heart-felt messages and we will compile the beautiful video of your engagement ring’s creation.

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