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The centrepiece

The eye-catching part of a jewellery piece is its gemstones. Whether you desire a distinctive Diamond, a beautiful blue Sapphire, rich red Ruby or glorious green Emerald we think the art is in the choosing. Our jewellery is made with gemstones of the highest quality, ensuring that your piece is beautiful as you had dreamed it to be.

  • We own all of our diamonds and keep them here in the UK meaning they can all be viewed in person at any time.
  • All diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced, conflict-free and have a rich provenance that our team will happily discuss with you.
  • All diamonds have passed our vigilent screening process that sees over 90% of diamonds rejected, ensuring your jewellery is of the highest quality.
  • Diamond grade parameters can be misleadingly wide, meaning two diamonds of the same grade can look very different. We only work with diamonds that are a true representation of the best of a diamond grade.
  • Whilst we strongly promote the addition of a diamond grading certificate, we do also stock beautiful ‘non-certifcated’ diamonds that can save you money when compared with certificated diamonds of the same quality.
  • Our coloured gemstones always hold the classic colour and hue of the specified stone. If you desire a darker or lighter tone or different colour of the gem in question, simply speak with our experts.
  • Coloured gemstones and coloured diamonds do not come with a grading certificate unless stated. If you would like to have a graded, coloured gemstone, speak with our experts.

When buying a diamond engagement ring from our website you can choose from thousands of diamonds available, comparing their grading reports and 360 degree videos, helping you to make the perfect choice. If you would like to discuss having one of our pieces made with an alternative gemstone, just contact us.

If you would like to view gemstones in person, book an appointment at our showroom. With some information on your desired price range, design and gems we will prepare a selection for you to view, compare and choose from. This gives us the opportunity to educate and assist you in making the best choice.

If visiting our showroom is not convenient, we can work with you remotely via video call.

Our diamond guide and 4 C's information will assist you further. Diamonds have many attributes that affect their quality, cost and aesthetic appearance and we want you to understand these before making a decision. Whether buying in person or through our Wcbsitc, all of our diamonds have been ethically sourced, independently certified (where relevant) and personally chosen by you, adding even more sentiment and meaning to your jewellery.

The 4 C's of diamonds

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